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Positive Impact of Technology on SocietyTechnology developments provide negative and positive impact. Of course we will discuss the positive impact brought about by the development of these technologies. As we have seen that the rapid development of the world, all of it is due to rapid technological developments.

Almost all areas evolved with the development of technology, some areas and details the positive effects of technology impact will be discussed in detail.


In ancient times, people have only verbal communication in a way that is face to face. With the development of technology, people can communicate using telegrams and letters. Now, we can communicate by using email, webcam and phone home. Communications technology is growing and getting cheaper, if in antiquity using only landlines are expensive to him, now using more sophisticated equipment even more expensive. Communicate remotely by viewing videos or commonly known as the webcam can also be done because of the positive impact of technology.

Food and Drink

Food and drink technology also changes, when in ancient food can only be consumed in 1 day only. Now the food can be preserved beforehand to stock next month, the so-called frozen foods. In this way the people will not be short of food again. In addition, there are many foods that have developed technologies such as the availability of canned fish that can last up to 5 months. In cooking technology has also been growing rapidly, so that food can be more durable and resolve the problems of the world food shortage.


Medicine also began to grow rapidly at the moment. The medical world is also growing. Diseases that used to be difficult to be cured, it is very easy to detect and cure. Start developing MRI technology to record the organ in man, so that the disease can be detected without surgery. Drugs have also begun to evolve from traditional medicine to high-tech drugs.


The development of technology is very pronounced travel. In the old days when we travel a lot, then the vehicle we were riding is animal-drawn carts. Now the development has been so advanced that existing train services and even private jets.


Those are some areas that evolved with the development of technology. The development of this technology does not stop here, but will continue to grow until the end of time.

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